RUN to VOTE – The Benefits and Getting ‘er Done

This is how you do it. You RUN to VOTE. You get ‘er done. And, you tell people to join our movement. We have two years to get people excited. Keep Running.

Vote Focused, Steve Mackel, Voter and Runner

Run to Vote – The Big Day

Wow! what a day already. I got up to wet streets in South Pasadena, I went for a beautiful fall bike ride. I took out the Rocky Mountain to keep the Kuota dry. Then I put on the running clothes and ran to my polling place. I met other dedicated Americans. We talked after the election and everyone has hope for the future.

I love America. Thank all of you for your support and I’ll leave you with the comment I just received from the web site:

“Ran the 3 miles to the polling station pushing my 2 year old daughter – she got to see Mommy being healthy AND doing her part as an American!” Tamera

VOTE Focused, Steve Mackel, founder

Last Minute Run To VOTE Tips

Early Voting has started in many states and now until 8 PM 11-4-08 you can Run To VOTE. In this video I give some last minute tips for those of you Running to VOTE.

Please remember to Run To VOTE

Vote Focused, Steve Mackel – US Citizen and Voter

Post Your Comment/Commitment – Foward This Site to another Runner

Below is a video explaining how to Run to VOTE. Please post your comment making a commitment to Run to VOTE. Let’s not make this about your choice for president, congress person or ballot initiatives but your duty as a US citizen. Please tell your friends about this site and have them make their commitment to participate.

Vote Focused, Steve Mackel – Founder

Run to Vote – 11/04/08

"Dream Big" I’ve been told this time and time again, so here’s my big dream, right now: Following my passion, I am trying to create a movement, getting as many people to run/jog/walk/crawl/bike /skate to their polling place 11-4-08. By doing this we can accomplish all sorts of great things: doing our civic responsibility, commitments towards our health and help reduce our carbon footprint. I don’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote!

Vote Focused, Steve Mackel – Founder